Keeping PTAC Units clean is crucial to their operation, and Industry studies have shown that regular deep cleaning can offer significant financial savings. By cleaning them properly, operators can extend the life of their units and ensure they are in peak condition during use.


• Equipment – Kelley’s uses professional truck-mount equipment. With water temperature between 180-200° F, combined heat and pressure significantly contribute to the breakdown of debris, and the vacuum strength produced by the truck-mount system ensures more complete extraction of wastes.
• Chemicals – Our process is GREEN. We use only the best, environmentally safe products recommended by leading manufactures.
• Process – Our exclusive 7-point deep cleaning process addresses every critical aspect required to ensure your units deliver the results you need. It’s the most thorough PTAC cleaning service available.


1. Testing – Units are tested before and after cleaning and the control board area is covered for protection. 2. Complete coil cleaning - Coils are cleaned with 180-200 ̊ F water and environmentally safe, non-acidic cleaner, recommended by leading manufactures.
3. Condensate pan - Dirt and organic matter are thoroughly removed from the condensate pan and other critical areas.
4. Drain line - The condensate drain is flushed out with pressurized water to prevent clogging and overflow. 5. Disinfection – A hospital-grade disinfectant is used in conjunction with 180-200 ̊ F water.
6. Filters – Filters are cleaned and sanitized to maximize airflow and prevent re-contamination.
7. Sleeve - Dirt and debris are removed from the PTAC sleeve.


Recommended for properties in high humidity areas, have smoking rooms, malodors, or other air quality concerns.
1. The PTAC cover is vacuumed to remove accumulated lint.
2. The entire unit is treated with Simple Green d Pro3. This hospital-grade product contains a high level of active ingredients effective against serious public health concerns including E-coli, HIV-1, Influenza, MRSA, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Athlete’s Foot Fungus, and more.
3. An EPA registered, non-chlorinated condensate pan strip is inserted for timed-released control of mold, algae, and other microorganisms between cleanings.

For a minimum amount, both packages include the addition of screws and sleeve clips to equal four.

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